Our approach

Customer Intimacy

We put the development of your idea and product first. And you don’t do this alone. We are keen to work with you to shape your ideas. That is why we start with a conversation, so that we really understand what you want and can identify the best solution for this. And we keep having this conversation until you are happy with the end result.


Looking and thinking ahead is what we do at Jalema. That is why we choose sustainable materials and believe in long-term relationships. This way, we create a better, responsible world and focus on new innovations, together with you.


Jalema, a full-service partner in Europe. Everything under one roof. So you don’t waste time communicating with different parties, but find the answers to all your questions in one place. The path from concept to reality looks like this: Design and development, production, assembly and packaging, then warehousing and logistics.


Jalema, creating sustainable business.

We believe it is important to choose sustainable raw materials and other materials, obviously without losing sight of the quality and functionality of the product. Because we have gained extensive experience with this over the years, we can offer sound advice on how to make the product even more sustainable.