Sustainable, socially responsible business The only way to do business.

We do this in various ways. We provide meaningful work for people with a disadvantage on the labour market. They work at a real company and aim to integrate socially and occupationally into society. Besides sustainability in the workplace, we choose sustainable raw materials as far as possible. Moreover, as a customer you are assured of products made within Europe, without unnecessarily sourcing them from the other side of the world. This way, we are sustainable in both development and production, as well as in our collaboration.

Sustainable raw materials

Jalema, creating sustainable business.

We are constantly looking for the latest materials with which to produce in an environmentally responsible way. These include bio-based and/or biodegradable raw materials, such as agricultural residues and nettle fibres. Do you have a specific material in mind? That’s possible. Together, we will look for the best options for developing your product. That’s possible. Together we look at the best opportunities to develop your product.


Socially responsible thinking and action. Also in the workplace.

We believe in a sustainable society and our contribution to it. That is why we work with our assembly team of people with a disadvantage on the labour market. So they work in a real company with the aim of social and occupational integration in society. Moreover, they form an important part of the overall production process.

Social fund

Together, we support good causes and worthwhile initiatives.

Fine initiatives, special actions and good causes: at Jalema, we are keen to contribute to them. These may be local or national actions; we don’t care how big or small. What matters is that we can contribute in our own way. Some employees at Jalema are responsible for the Social Fund and distribute money to the various causes every quarter. Other employees can make suggestions for a good initiative or cause.


Jalema is aware of the Sustainable Development Goals and the 17 goals described. We too are working towards a better world.