About us

Jalema, creating sustainable business.

Together with our customers, we develop sustainable products made of cardboard and plastic. From the idea phase up to and including logistics, we advise on material choice, production method, form and application of the product. We take care of your concerns where you need this and can take over the entire process (or part of it) for you. Always in consultation. This way, intensive collaboration leads to the most sustainable result.

The development and production of our products takes place in two factories in the Netherlands, where we have built up years of experience in processing cardboard and plastic. Besides custom-made products, Jalema also manufactures a wide range of office products that are delivered to customers in more than 40 countries.


Jalema, creating sustainable business.

“We help our customers create innovative and sustainable products together.”

Loet van Kimmenade, CEO


From a small letter holder factory in 1947, Jalema has now grown into an international full-service manufacturing partner.

2019 – present As a manufacturing partner, Jalema is targeting new markets with a focus on using sustainable raw materials.
2019 Part of T3L Group
2019 Takeover Dataplus in Germany
2016 Takeover Rucol & Multo
2010 Takeover Avanti en Atlanta
1998 Founding Jalema Assemblage Team
1992 Subsidiary in Maryland, America
1981 Subsidiary in Brussels, Belgium
1947 Takeover of Jalema by Westendorff family


Since July 1, 2019, Jalema has been part of the T3L Group.